Class of 1997 Mixtape

We made you a mixtape.

The first 30 or so songs are horror-related and selected from various soundtracks from 1997. Or, at least the ones that we were able to find on Spotify. After that is a mix of alternative, hip-hop, and pop music from the year. If you’re just in it for the horror, we’ve included a list of the songs, and the movies they are from below. We would suggest hitting shuffle and letting it ride though. It’s probably the only playlist that features the main theme from MIMIC, as well as “Candle in the Wind”, so we’re pretty proud of that.

  1. I’m Deranged (Edit)  – David Bowie (LOST HIGHWAY)
  2. Prime Numbers (CUBE)
  3. Hush – Kula Shaker (I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER)
  4. It’s Over Sid – Marco Beltrami (SCREAM 2)
  5. Funky Shit – Prodigy (EVENT HORIZON)
  7. 2 Wicky – Hooverphonic (IKWYDLS)
  8. Dub Driving – Angelo Badalamenti (LOST HIGHWAY)
  9. Long Hard Road Out Of Hell – Marilyn Manson, Sneaker Pimps (SPAWN)
  10. Paint it, Black – The Rolling Stones (THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE)
  11. Foe Life – Mack 10 (ANACONDA)
  12. Broken Arrow Main Theme (SCREAM 2)
  13. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up – Cake (AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS)
  14. This Magic Moment – Lou Reed (LOST HIGHWAY)
  15. Hey Bulldog – Toad and the Wet Sprocket (IKWYDLS)
  16. She’s Always In My Hair – D’angelo (SCREAM 2)
  17. Red Right Hand – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (SCREAM 2)
  18. Haunting and Heartbreaking – Angelo Badalamenti (LOST HIGHWAY)
  19. One Man Army – Prodigy, Tom Morello (SPAWN)
  20. The Perfect Drug – NIN (LOST HIGHWAY)
  21. Fred’s World – Angelo Badalamenti (LOST HIGHWAY)
  22. Spawn – Silverchair, Vitro (SPAWN)
  23. Scream – Master P (SCREAM 2)
  24. Red Bats With Teeth (LOST HIGHWAY)
  25. Summer Breeze – Type O Negative (IKWYDLS)
  26. She Said – Collective Soul (SCREAM 2)
  27. Fred and Renee Make Love – Angelo Badalamenti (LOST HIGHWAY)
  28. Your Lucky Day in Hell – Eels (SCREAM 2)
  29. Suburban Life – Kottonmouth Kings (SCREAM 2)
  30. Fats Revisted – Angelo Badalamenti (LOST HIGHWAY)
  31. Trouble In Woodsboro (SCREAM 2)
  32. Main Title (MIMIC)
  33. Main Title (IKWYDLS)
  34. Police – Angelo Badalamenti (LOST HIGHWAY)
  35. I Think I Love You – The Partridge Family (SCREAM 2)
  36. I’m Deranged (Reprise) – David Bowie (LOST HIGHWAY)

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